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"...Loving People... Loving God..."

What to Expect

We know what it is like to go to church for the first time.  It can be a little awkward and even scary.  So, we want you to feel as comfortable as possible on your first visit to Flint Baptist Church.  To this end, we have put together a few items to help you know what to expect.

We're Easy to Find -- Directions to the Church:
Flint Baptist Church is located approximately 2 miles south of the Decatur Beltline & Pointe Mallard Parkway on U.S. Highway 31 South (6th Avenue SE) on the Right hand side of the road. It is immediately across the street from the Alabama State Highway Trooper's Office - Troop B -
Post No. 52. The church is also approximately 5 miles north of downtown Hartselle on the left hand side of the highway. GPS Coordinates: 34.525817, -86.971676
For an interactive map, please link HERE.

We Have Plentiful Parking:
Handicapped, Senior Adult, & Guest parking is available on the Left
-hand Side of the Church (our Main Entrance), near the Sanctuary. Additional parking is located in the Rear Parking Lot.

We Have Listening Devices for the Hearing Impaired:
If you have difficulty hearing, you may request a hearing assistance device/receiver from any of our ushers.

Directions Around the Church:
Greeters and ushers are available at our Main, Upstairs, Double Door Entrance (on the left side of the church) near our Sanctuary to answer any questions you might have. If you happen to come in any other door, you can ask anyone that you may encounter to take you or point you to the right place or you can see the numerous directional signs that are located throughout the building.  Generally, the layout of the church is as follows:

- Downstairs:  Church & Pastor's Offices; Conference Room; Children's Classrooms (Grades 1-5); Middle Schooler's Classroom (Grades 6-8); High School Classroom (Grades 7-12); "His Place" Coffee House;  Youth & Recreation Room; Storage Rooms; & Restrooms.

- Upstairs:  Sanctuary; Prayer Room; Nursery; Young Adult, Adult, & Senior Adult Classrooms; Sunday School Office;  Fellowship Hall; Audio/Visual Media Room; Church Library; Storage Rooms;  & Restrooms. 

A Map of the church can be found HERE!

We have People from all Stages & Walks of Life:
Flint has a balance of people from all age groups, seasons of
life, and socio-economic groups.  We have babies, children, youth, singles, married, divorced, and widowed people at our church. You will find people just like you.

We are Friendly & Loving
At Flint, we are one of the most friendly congregations in the North Alabama region.  When you come to Flint, you will be warmly greeted by our ushers & greeters, given an informative worship bulletin, shown to an age-appropriate Bible Study/Sunday School Class, and then directed to the Worship Service.  If you happen to miss the ushers & greeters, just ask one of our people in the hallway for directions.  They'll make sure you are shown where you need to go.  In the worship service, we don't ask you to stand, speak, or publicly pray. However, we do want to acknowledge your presence, thank you for coming, and see how we may minister to you and/or your family.  To accomplish this, you will be given a Guest Card to fill out and place in the offering plate so that we may appropriately respond to you and your needs.  (By the way, as our guest, you are not expected to participate in the Offering time, since this is a time for our members to give their Tithes & Offerings.  Should you so choose, you may give to the ministries of the church through the offering, but please know that you are not required to do so.)  Following announcements, we have a fellowship time at the beginning of the worship service where everyone is warmly greeted, smiles shared, hands shaken, and even hugs given.   In all that we do, we will do everything we can to make your experience a positive one.

Two Worship Services to Choose From:

We have two worship services each Sunday. Our main service is in the morning at 10:30 a.m.  Our second service is in the evening at 6:00 p.m.  A different message is presented at each service.  Both services have a "blended" style of music, mixing the best of historic and traditional hymns along with exciting and contemporary, Christ-focused praise & worship songs.   Nursery and children’s ministries are provided at all services. We have a worship time that fits your schedule.


Our Schedule:


Sunday Schedule                                  

Sunday School/Bible Study - 9:30 AM - Numerous Rooms (Please See Directory)

Worship - 10:30 AM - Sanctuary - Upstairs

Choir Practice - 4:15 PM - Sanctuary - Upstairs

Sunday Night Worship - 6:00 PM - Sanctuary - Upstairs                     


Wednesday Schedule

Prayer Meeting - 6:30 PM - Sanctuary - Upstairs
Youth Bible Study - 6:30 PM - "His Place" - Youth Coffee House - Downstairs
His Kidz - 6:30 PM - Children's Church Room - Downstairs

Uplifting Music:

Uplifting music has always been a very important part of Flint Baptist Church. At Flint, we believe that music is one of many ways in which God wants for us  to worship Him, expressing our devotion and love to Him. Led by our Minister of Music & Worship, our music includes traditional & doctrinally sound hymns as well as contemporary, Christ-centered praise songs.  Our main instruments include an organ, keyboard, and piano. Occasionally, we use acoustic, electric, & bass guitars, drums, and others instruments to supplement and add to the overall worship experience.  We also use a choir and various music ensembles to draw people closer to the Lord.    If you like music and praising and worship God, you will love the music at Flint. There is something for everyone.

Biblical, Relevant, & Practical Messages:

Flint's Pastor unapologetically teaches and preaches the inspired, inerrant Holy Bible on a weekly basis.  The historic and orthodox Christian doctrines and teachings are shared using a verse-by-verse exposition method. The goal of each message is to point people to Jesus using the revelations found in the scriptures.  Second, the messages are designed for relevance to the needs and concerns of modern listeners who are living in a fast and ever-changing world.  The Pastor seeks to help Christians identify and use the never-changing, time-tested principles of the Bible to their lives.   Occasionally, videos, sermon outlines, special music, dramas, and testimonies are used to provide freshness & variety to the messages as well as to encourage better understanding and application of the material to the practical, everyday needs of believers.

Casual, but not too Casual:
Some churches are very regimented & form
al while others are too loose & casual. At Flint, we are somewhere in the middle. Our worship services have structure but they are not so rigid that we do not allow room for the Holy Spirit to move and change our direction. Additionally, people in the church dress in a variety of ways:  some like dresses, suits, long-sleeve shirts, and ties, while others wear skirts, slacks, short-sleeve blouses or polos, khakis, and/or jeans.   Please just come as you are and dress comfortably, as you like, keeping in mind that as we come together to worship Jesus, we seek to honor Him in all we say and do and that relates to how we dress and worship the Lord.


What to Bring:

If you have a Bible, please bring it with you.  If you don't have one, don't worry.  We have copies available in the each classroom and in the pew racks in the the sanctuary.  While our pastor uses many versions in developing and presenting his weekly sermons, we primarily use the New International Version (NIV) 1984 version on Sunday mornings.  If you have another version that you prefer, go ahead and bring that version.  At Flint, we do not argue over which version is the "right one" but rather we will challenge you to find a version in which you are comfortable and able to read, understand, & apply to your life. 

A Safe & Clean Nursery: 

Staffed by screened and seasoned mothers and grandmothers from our church, our nursery is both safe and clean for your babies and small children.  Our loving volunteers will ensure that your babies and young children are watched and cared for and that your children experience the love of Christ each and every week.  The nursery is conveniently located on the same level as the Sanctuary so that parents and nursery workers can have easy and quick access to one another in case a special or unforeseen need arises.   


A Children's Church

Staffed by screened and experienced volunteers (men, women, & youth) from our church, a Children's Church is offered to children and their parents during the worship service.  The Children's Church provides children a structured time of Music, Bible Study, Activities, & a Snack while their parents are provided a distraction-free time of worship and focus upon the Message.  Children are encouraged to stay with their parents up to the time of the receiving of Tithes and Offerings in the worship service.  At that time, the children and their leaders dismiss to the Children's Church area located in the large room adjacent to the Youth Room (downstairs) on the first floor of the church.  At the end of the worship service, parents are encouraged to go downstairs to pick up their child(ren).


Acceptance, Spiritual Growth, & Fun for Youth:
We value youth by providing a safe and accepting environment where they can come, be immediately accepted, drawn in & included in fun activities, and truly "belong" to the group.  Our teenagers are not cliquish but rather are excited about meeting and including new people.  Additionally, our youth leaders are very warm and loving towards all teenagers.  The group is not too large where one gets lost in a crowd, but rather is small enough where one truly gets to be known and know others.  While smaller than some other area youth groups, our youth group is growing and hopes to grow more (both numerically and spiritually) in the coming days. Finally, Flint has a special, designated place call "His Place" for our youth where "youth can be youth," worship & praise the Lord, study & grow in the knowledge of the Bible and the Lord, and, enjoy recreational activities such as billiards, ping pong, & video games.